I Read Wilde // I Read Wilde [CD 2011]


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CD [2011]

I READ WILDE is a twenty-years-old armchair socialist with a guitar. Wishing to become a rockstar since his childhood, once grown up he changed “rock” with “pop” and started writing songs between a party and another, in his personal research of the perfect pop song.
Equally inspired by the charts and the underground, the circus and Chopin, alcoholics and Bacharach, I READ WILDE’s infectious songwriting will give you snobbish though heartfelt urban hymns.

1) Total Romantic
2) Can You Face The New?
3) Silly Boys
4) You Don’t Love Me on Saturdays
5) Don’t Ever Get On My Way
6) Freaks
7) Bully Sounds
8) Nowillisgood

Music & Lyrics by: I READ WILDE
Produced by Raffaele Giovanni Nicolì
Arrangements by the guy in the cover and Raffaele Giovanni Nicolì.
Strings have been played by the IFeelAfricanOl’ Orchestra.


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