Unknown Beauty – The Servant Of Love

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    “The servant of love” is the latest single released by Unknown Beauty. Post-pandemic grunge is the genre that has been attributed to this song by some insiders. The news will not be long in coming. the cover design was made by Samuele Epifani, very young (16 years old) but talented painter. The song reflects both in the music and in the lyrics the feeling of unease this pandemic is bringing to everyone’s mind. By clicking on the link you will access the Unknown Beauty website from which you can download.

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    Agnus Dei
    Kyrie Eleison

    it seems like a parallel life
    in an instant you were locked up in your house
    and everyone seemed to agree
    that it was right to stand still and watch the scene
    numbers that tell dirty truths
    who feed the panic of the good guys on the news
    and there was no way to believe
    that it could be false and “where the truth let itself be seen”

    it’s time to choose,
    how do you see the world (?)
    who do you want to be servant to?
    who will you take orders from?
    what is the war you want to fight and
    how do you feel inside this choice?

    I am a servant of love
    and it’s so hard to believe,
    maybe the darkness lives inside all your strange fears,
    the unbelief of your tears,
    I’m forced to look at you and I can’t believe…


    original cover design by a talented and very young Italian artist Mr. Samuele Epifani.
    Follow him on Instagram: @samueleepiffani_